Our Services

tailored solutions for sustainably-driven companies

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

Professional assistance at all stages of the LCA study in compliance with ISO 14040:2006 and 14044:2006.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Comprehensive range of services to support organizations in achieving their Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) publishing.

Sustainability Reporting

Comprehensive assistance to organizations looking to enhance their sustainability reporting and meet evolving standards (CSRD).

EPD Verifications

In collaboration with Bureau Veritas, we provide external third-party verifications of environmental product declarations.

Nurturing Sustainability in Ljubljana

Welcome to Greenium, a boutique sustainability consulting firm located in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Founded in 2022 by Jaka Jelenc, Greenium is committed to providing tailored solutions that drive sustainable practices, enhance organizational efficiency, and foster responsible business conduct.

Why Work With Us

Stakeholder-centric Focus

Our vision is a future where stakeholder-focused businesses thrive. We're committed to fostering sustainable practices that benefit your organization and strengthen relationships with stakeholders, building lasting trust and success.

Life-Cycle Approach

Adopting a life-cycle approach, we champion real environmental goals through a holistic perspective. We ensure environmental considerations are intricately woven into every stage of your product or service, enhancing your organizational processes.

Sustainable Strategies for Long term growth

We believe sustainable strategies are key to long-term economic growth. Our approach helps organizations adopt practices that benefit both the environment and their economic prosperity.

Transition from Linear to Circular Economy

Moving beyond linear economy, Greenium leads the shift to a circular economy, focusing on conserving, reusing, and recycling resources. Our approach embodies sustainability, paving the way for a resilient, regenerative economic model.