Our Mission

At Greenium, we don’t just envision a better future; we actively work towards it. Join us in reshaping the way businesses operate, integrating sustainability into the core of organizational strategies for a future that thrives on sustainable principles.

How it Started

Welcome to Greenium, a boutique sustainability consulting firm located in the heart of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Founded in 2022 by Jaka Jelenc, Greenium is committed to providing tailored solutions that drive sustainable practices, enhance organizational efficiency, and foster responsible business conduct.

Our Expertise

At Greenium, our team possesses in-depth knowledge of sustainability and circular economy issues. Combined with extensive experience in Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), and sustainability reporting, we craft transformative processes that position your organization for a resilient and sustainable future.

Meet The Founder: Jaka Jelenc

Jaka Jelenc, the visionary founder of Greenium, is a seasoned expert at the forefront of sustainability, circular economy, and management systems. Armed with a Master’s in Science in chemical engineering from the University of Ljubljana, Jaka’s journey has been marked by a profound impact on sustainable practices.

Prior to founding Greenium, Jaka served as an LCA expert and management systems lead at Aquafil S.p.a., solidifying his expertise in these domains. Currently, he holds the position of Lead LCA Expert for the Danfoss DCS segment, contributing significantly to the advancement of sustainability within the industry.

Jaka’s extensive experience includes working on LCAs across diverse industries, ranging from large corporations to small and medium enterprises. His projects have spanned various sectors, including plastic products and smart devices. This wide-ranging exposure has endowed Jaka with a comprehensive understanding and waste knowledge of LCA-related topics.

Connect with Jaka Jelenc on LinkedIn and stay updated on his insights, contributions, and the latest advancements in the realm of sustainability.

Greenium Partners

Bureau Veritas is a world leader in testing, inspection and certification services (TIC).

Experts in the field of LCA and preparation of environmental documents for public tenders and environmental legislation.

Join Us on the Green Journey: As you embark on the path towards sustainability and excellence, Greenium is ready to be your trusted partner. Our passion for positive change, coupled with a commitment to excellence, sets us apart in the world of sustainability consulting. Contact Greenium today, and together, let's shape a greener, more sustainable future.